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Pura Restaurant Lounge


PURA Restaurant Lounge nestles within the Balinese inspired Regency Country Club. Bali is a place of retreat, to reconnect with oneself, to eat well, to enjoy life and have fun. Soft lighting, natural plants and Balinese furniture made from wood, wicker and coconut husks gives PURA a laid-back, alluring atmosphere, somewhere between relaxed, romantic & rogue.

The name PURA comes from the Indonesian word for temple and it also means “pure” in Spanish. Temples are revered places that represent order, balance, harmony and purity. At PURA these values are respected but with an added touch of spice!

We know our clients come to relax and be pampered but we also know they like to have fun, feel decadent and sometimes even a bit naughty! PURA embraces the subtle juxtaposition between relaxation and fun and sinners succumb to the seductive temptation of food and drink…so, #PuraPeople, we invite you to sit back, relax and sin!

 Soothe your Soul

in the Temple

Creative Cocktails &

International Menu


Our values


At PURA the temple belongs to you, the #PuraPeople and everyone is welcome!

We value the human experience and social interaction. Bar staff will indulge you, waiters will pamper you and the chef will seduce you with exceptional dishes, created with passion and fire.

In Bali, relaxation is always on the menu and having fun is a way of life. At Pura Restaurant Lounge we strive to create an atmosphere where the seamlessly changing moods gently shift gear from cocktail hour to relaxed dining to after-dinner fun at the lounge bar.

We endeavour to provide quality in everything we do, working hard so that you don’t have to!

Our #PuraPeople are our greatest asset and we value that most.



Is there parking available?

Yes. At Pura Restaurant Lounge we have private parking.

Are there vegan gastronomic proposals on the menu?


Does the restaurant have access to people with disabilities?

Yes. The restaurant has an access ramp, elevator and bathroom for people with disabilities.

Does the restaurant have a children's area?


Is there a possibility of having a cocktail without ordering food?

Of course. You can come to Pura Restaurant Lounge to enjoy our cocktail menu and the ambience without needing to order food.

Visit us!

We are open everyday.

Kitchen schedule:
18:30 – 22:00

Bar schedule:
18:30 – 00:00